UPDATE: College closed to Year 12 from Thursday 19th March - please see Letters to Parents for more information.

Policies and Procedures

Y12 to Y13 Re-enrolment policy

Please find here information regarding the Toot Hill College Year 12 to Year 13 Re-enrolment Policy.

Assessing accurately where students are on their courses at the end of Year 12, as well as providing the opportunity for targeted meetings with students where appropriate, is an essential part of supporting all students to achieve their best possible outcomes and to make informed and considered choices about the future.

We hope you find the information below useful; if you have any further questions about how the online re-enrolment process runs over the summer, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

You can re-enrol for Year 13 by clicking here. The deadline is Friday 30th August 2019.

College induction booklet

Please find here the Y12 Induction Guide to Toot Hill College, which includes the following:

  1. The Toot Hill College Ethos
  2. Attendance - Expectations, policies and procedures
  3. Standards - Expectations, policies and procedures
  4. Disciplinary policies and procedures
  5. Private Study
  6. The Mentor Programme
  7. ICT facilities
  8. Enrichment
  9. Who's Who
  10. Where is ...?
  11. When does ...?
  12. Key Dates - Autumn Term
  13. Contact details

Vocational courses

Please find here the Toot Hill College Parents' Guide to Vocational Courses 2018-2019


You can read our Toot Hill Attendance Policies and Procedures document.here.

Toot Hill College 16-19 Bursary

Download information and the APPLICATION FORM 2019-20 here. Please submit your application before the start of the new academic year with all the relevant documents to the College Office. Back payments will not be made for late applications. Year 13 and Year 12 students must re-new their application. Contact 01949 863 072 for further information.

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