World ChallengePhase 1: Adventure | Phase 2: Volunteering on a Project

World Challenge is the ultimate two-week expedition; an opportunity for you to expand your mind beyond the confines of the classroom, develop crucial transferrable skills and gain experiences that will stay with you for life! Over the course of the expedition you will become a seasoned trekker, an inspired tourist and an enlightened traveller. It’s a valuable lesson in self-sufficiency and independence, and an opportunity to develop life skills which will help you survive the demands of university and the work place.

"I just wanted to write and let you know that my son has just had the most amazing experience on the first Toot Hill School World Challenge trip to Morocco. He has had an amazing time and he seems to have enjoyed every minute of it. During the trip he has learned so much about another culture and really has experienced the true Morocco. Although the trip was only for two weeks, I really do feel that the experience has been life changing for him. It has probably also inspired him to travel further in the future. A good experience was just wanted he needed and he certainly got it. I really hope the World Challenge can continue at Toot Hill School into the future."

Year 12 students embark on their expedition in July. The rationale behind the timing is that we believe the World Challenge experience helps students gather experiences and develop skills that help them with their UCAS applications. In 2013, students travelled to Morocco, in 2014, Thailand and Romania, and in 2015, Sri Lanka. It is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in a culture far removed from your own and to learn a great deal about leadership, teamwork and your own capabilities. There are two key phases: Adventure and Volunteering.

Phase 1: Adventure

This phase takes you way off the beaten track and well out of your comfort zone! You’ll be trekking for 5 or 6 days and camping in remote locations. Your team will need to be organised and there are a number of roles you can take on (team leader, accountant, navigator, first aid, nutritionist & chef to name just a few).

Phase 2: Volunteering on a Project

Arguably the most important aspect of the World Challenge is the contribution you make to other people, often much less fortunate than yourself. You’ll be involved in an existing volunteer project that seeks to improve infrastructure for local people. This could, for example, involve working in schools and hospitals in rural communities.

The planning and fund raising for your World Challenge is all part of your experience. You’ll need to start brain storming ideas and getting organised really early to ensure you raise enough money…what could you do? Cake sales, bag packing, sponsored events, car boot sales, car washing and doing household jobs for neighbours have all been successful in the past.

The World Challenge is a significant addition to your C.V. The experiences you have and the skills you develop will help you in both UCAS and employment application processes.

For further information please contact Mr Tinsley.

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