A-Level English Language

Exam Board: AQA

One examination will focus on child language acquisition and variations of language in different texts. The first section (textual variations and representations) asks you to analyse two texts separately and then compare these. The texts are linked by topic or theme but are from different time periods. The children’s language development section gives a choice of two questions and requires you to discuss data with a focus on children’s reading, speech or multi-modal language.

The second examination focuses on language diversity (across regions and groups) and language change over time. One section of the exam asks you to complete an evaluative essay on either language diversity or language change. The second section includes analysis of how two texts use language to present ideas, attitudes and opinions about language change and diversity, as well as a directed writing task linked to the previous texts.

The coursework folder includes an individual language investigation of 2,000 words, and a piece of original writing, along with a commentary (totalling 1,500 words for both).  The investigation can focus on a range of language topics which have been studied throughout the two-years of A-Level. The original writing focuses on either writing to persuade, entertain or inform and the commentary explains your choices and the effects of these.


80% examination / 20% coursework


General college entry requirements plus a grade 5 or above in GCSE English Language.

Where can it lead?

This A-Level would give a solid foundation for a degree in English Language or Linguistics, and could lead into a wide range of careers, including journalism and teaching.