A-Level Government and Politics

Exam Board: AQA

The starting point of AS Politics is you. The United Kingdom is a democracy, but do you know what that means and do you know how you fit into that? 

Politicians hold a great deal of power over us, but how much power do we have over our politicians? The very first topic examines this issue, focusing on the channels of communication between government and people, and developing your understanding of democracy, elections, political parties and pressure groups.

How democratic was the recent EU referendum? What is the best way to go about making major decisions on current issues? The second topic examines governmental processes within the UK, looking at Parliament, the role of the Prime Minister, the Cabinet and the Constitution (or lack thereof).

Would Donald Trump have made it as far in the British electoral system as he did in the American? How do the two political structures compare? Following a focus on the British political system, we will then assess its strengths and weaknesses in comparison to another high profile democracy—the USA.

Over two years you will explore both the best and worst of the UK and US political processes and structures. In addition you will increasingly contextualise this understanding through the application of a diverse range of political theories and studies.

Studying Government and Politics provides insight into political beliefs central to an understanding of the modern world. Analytical and evaluative skills are developed, alongside discussion and debating skills, with an emphasis on keeping abreast of current affairs.


100% examination


General college entry requirements plus a grade 6 or above in GCSE Geography or GCSE History.

Where can it lead?

Well regarded by all universities, a Politics A-Level can lead directly to degrees in Politics or International Relations and will bolster any university application for an alternative subject. 
Popular career options include journalism, law, the civil service, government, and political research.